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Buy National Product      اشتر المنتج الوطني

Distinctive Participation for FITCO Detergent in the "Buy National Product" exhibition in cooperation with Qatar Development Bank. The initiative aims at increasing the reliance on Qatari capacities and products and enhancing the participation of Qatari factories in the development projects executed by the Authority. The initiative aims to encourage new national investors Pumping their investments into the establishment of new factories that contribute to the requirements of the current and future state projects that “ Ashghal ”  and others are working on.

It also seeks to enable and support the local Qatari product and its operation and to facilitate the procedures of the Qatari factory so that its products are evaluated after only 3 weeks of submission of its data in addition to reviewing some of the specifications used in
 “Ashghal “projects to cope with the local product and raise the quality level.Type your paragraph here.